My dog, Woodrow Tobias, is adopted.  He was not born in this house but came to us from another part of the state.  And, before he realized he was adopted, we long foreknew that he was ours.  We paid for him and waited for the designated day that he was to come into our family.

Look at the parallel between Woody’s experience and ours as sons and daughters of God.  “In love, He predestined us to be adopted as His sons through Jesus Christ, in accordance with His pleasure and will… ” (Ephesians 1:5).

First of all, it was love that drove us Beamers to adopt a cute and cuddly puppy!  But more importantly, the desire to have him came through our son, Jake.  I do not believe that Jon and I would have elected to adopt this dog if our son had not expressed his wish for a Welsh Corgi.

Jesus is the Son of God, and because of the joy set before Him (us),  He completed his work through the cross and His resurrection, and now, we too have a place in the family of God.

Woody spent many puppy days believing he was just one of a pack, never seeing that soon he would have a human family and a portion of food just for himself at mealtimes!  This is the picture of predestination:  God foresees the day that we will receive His invitation to come into the fold.  And, he knows in advance our affirmative response to the proposal, just like we long foreknew Woody’s acceptance of our family.

God is good.  He has a plan for salvation and adoption.  It is the will of God that none would perish. But it is not enough for Him to simply spare us from suffering an eternal death apart from Him.  In His pleasure, He invites us into His heart to share in all that is His.

We know from scripture that record books are kept in heaven, and I suppose one of them has all of our adoption documents.  Some of the factual information might read like this:  “On this day determined from the time when the foundations of the world were set in place, my son/daughter is hereby adopted into the family of God, purchased with the blood of the Lamb and sealed with the Holy Spirit.”

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