There is simply no better name.  Our God is Emmanuel, God With Us.  How about that for the needed confidence that we are going in the right direction in life?  God is with us and is directing our steps.  He loves us more than we can fathom; He cares for all of our needs.  He understands our hearts and heals all of the broken places there.  Emmanuel is a treasure!

For the Christian who believes that life in the days of Christ’s ministry on the earth would have far surpassed our experiences with Him now, I say you are crazy.  If Jesus was visiting friends in Bethany, and you happened to be in Jerusalem, then you were missing out.  He was not in your presence.  But now, on this side of the Cross, with His earthly work completed (John 17:4), and the promised gift of the Father having been sent (Acts 1:4-5, Acts 2: 1 -4), Jesus is Emmanuel, God With Us.  The Spirit of God is our constant Counselor (John 14:16), and He leads us in truth.

This Christmas, let us focus on the ultimate gift:  Emmanuel, God With Us.

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