twelve years old

Why is it important to know that Jairus’ daughter is 12 years old as recorded in Mark 5:42?    In this one chapter of recorded miracles of Jesus, Mark writes about the divine healing of a grown woman and the deliverance from sickness that led to the death of a young girl.

Jairus was desperate for his daughter to be delivered from death.  He cried out to Jesus, and Jesus responded; however, He was intercepted…  We’ll come back to that part.

Jairus received word that his daughter had died and there was no need to bother the teacher anymore.  Jesus, overhearing this, doesn’t see the obvious as a cancellation of Jairus’ authority over his 12-year daughter.  Jairus sought life; life he gets!  Jesus said, “Don’t be afraid, just believe” (Mark 5:36).

Have you ever been in this place with your young child?  All of his or her future hangs on your authority as the parent and covering?  Fathers, do not be afraid!  You call on Jesus, and He will do what you ask concerning your child.

Notice the Lord didn’t say, “Don’t be afraid.  Your daughter will live, THEN you will believe.”  No, He asks for our faith to partner with Him in the miracle.

Faith.  The woman had it.  She had been sick in her body for 12 years.   (Hmmm… there’s that number again.)  She’s the one who intercepted the Lord on His way to Jairus’.  She did not concern herself with appropriate timing; she knew she had a need in her body.  She knew Jesus was near, and if she could get in His Presence, all things would be made new!

The result?  Immediately she was healed!  Immediately she was freed from suffering!  Hallelujah!

The Lord blessed her and said, “Daughter, your faith has healed you.  Go in peace and be freed from your suffering” (Mark 5:34).

The miracles surrounding Jairus give us great insight.  At some point in the process of spiritual maturity , our faith partners with Christ’s power, and like the woman, we seek the One who is clothed with power because in His Presence, we are made whole.  For young children (12 years old and below), all of the spiritual benefits in their lives come from their parental covering.  When does the shift occur?  Traditionally, the Jewish faith recognizes the 13th birthday as a transfer of spiritual authority.  Having been trained in the Word of God and now equipped with a reasoning mind, the child is ready to walk in a faith in God that is all their own.

I appreciate a mark of maturity.  I would have loved as a child to be brought up in a thorough training in the Scripture.  I would have appreciated the spiritual maturity entrusted to me in the act of being released to be a woman of faith.

Pray about this portion of Mark 5.  Ask the Lord to give you wisdom concerning your faith in Him and His ability to do the miraculous.  Also ask for wisdom concerning your spiritual covering of your young children and the needed release to walk in their own individual faith at the appropriate time.

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