100 years ago this week

100 years ago, the Titanic sank.  The “ship that even God Himself could not sink” went down into the Atlantic on April 14, 1912.  The hugeness of the Titanic and its failure points vividly to the smallness of man before God Almighty.

I’ve been on a few cruise ships, 7 to be exact.  Each one seemed like a floating city.  And why do we cruisers choose a vacation at sea?  The biggest selling point is the ease of one-stop shopping.  With a single reservation you get a variety of destinations, hotel, meals and entertainment.  There’s also the element of adventure that excites the traveler.

The Titanic probably did not draw its passengers in the same way.  For many, it was merely a means of passage across the Atlantic.  For the privileged, it was first-class treatment with the promise of luxury, fine foods and exceptional company.

Many of God’s people are cruising through life with a “no luxury is denied me” mind-set.  We seek the thrill of living through entertainment and other experiences that only money can buy.  We thirst, therefore, we seek to get satisfied with worldly treasures, but this is what the Lord sees…

“My people have forsaken Me, the spring of living water”  Jeremiah 2:13.

He also notes that the cisterns we dig cannot hold water because they are broken.

What does it mean when God says that our cisterns are broken?

God wants us to know that what we build in attempt to bring satisfaction in our lives is useless.  Only that which is built upon the Lord Jesus Christ lasts, for He alone satisfies the soul’s thirst.

Keep an eye out for the Titanic in your life.  You’ll see it tipping high in the night sky when you realize that your thirst in life is not satisfied by possessions.  What you and I really thirst for is the Living Water.  The unsinkable Titanic?  There is a problem with such a vessel.  It cannot hold water.

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