I’ve started another book entitled, Your Personal Exodus: It’s Time to Leave that God-forsaken Place, and I’m am thrilled with the season of discovery that is before me.  On the morning that I received the download from the Holy Spirit, I excitedly went to church and shared with Wayne, a friend and youth ministry intern, and he said he will definitely be reading that book.  Bursting with euphoria, I exclaimed, “Everyone will read it!”  This makes me laugh, because I know it is not in myself that I place such confidence- I just get really happy when God chooses to do something special through me.  So here is just a taste of what promises to be a good read when finished:

“Raw dependence upon the Lord is a rare experience because so often we refuse to esteem the plan and provision of God above our own ability to succeed without Him.”

(Sometimes the Holy Spirit gives me a “belly punch” statement of truth.  I write this out of personal experience.  I’m sure I am not the only one who has asked the Father, “Can you give me another chance?”)

Please tuck that little morsel away and savor it for a while… I’ve got approximately 30 chapters to write before Your Personal Exodus can transfer from my hands.  And, say a prayer for me that I keep in step with the Spirit!  God is faithful and He IS the God of second chances!

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