If you have not ever heard or worshiped to the song “Healer,” please check it out!  I’ve tweeted the link to the video, so scroll down to my Twitter in the bottom right hand corner, and if it’s not listed there, go to the Twitter page, and you will find it!  It is an anointed song that ministers faith and a thankful heart.  This has been my experience over the past few years, but Sunday night, I had the great blessing of singing the song lyrics with others in worship led by Planetshakers, the originators of “Healer.”

As soon as we started to sing, I knew something was going to be different.  I went into the Lord’s presence with a resolve to be healed-  in my mind.  Never before have I been inspired to sing the lyrics with a focus on my mind, but lately, I have been bombarded by thoughts from the enemy in his effort to destroy the work of God in and through me.  I am in a battle that requires my constant vigilance concerning the sanctity of my thought life.  So I cried out to the Father with faith and determination to win the battle for my mind.  I believe He is my Healer, and I know that I was set free from destructive thought patterns that very night.

Yesterday, as my son and I revisited special moments from the Sunday night service, he shared with me the history of the song.  Four years ago, the songwriter of “Healer” revealed that he was in need of deliverance from pornography addiction.  It is a very involved story with many details that caused a lot of upset, but the truth of the matter is, he was sin-sick (Psalm 38:4-8) and needed a Healer.

This is when I realized, I worshiped with a fresh approach to this song, (with a focus on my mind) because I was in the presence of those who sang the song with the anointing for such healing.  Planetshakers band members KNOW this song is about deliverance from strongholds that begin in the mind!

Just thought I’d share another taste of God’s goodness today!  Check out the “Healer” video!

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