Heavy-hearted in light of what we have endured once again as a people in the land of the free.  Sadness and anger grip the nation and few realize it’s our own fault- we thirst for violence.  We replace the goodness of God with a variety of outlets that satisfy our evil desires.  We are sin-sick as a people.  We are down-trodden.  We are chained.  We are lost.

We look to someone, anyone to blame.  Upon whom can we heap this sin and all of its aftermath?

Lawmakers?  Should they not have gotten a better handle on guns getting into the hands of irresponsible people?  

Justice systems?  Are they not able to fix troubled youth and adults?

Law enforcement?  Can’t they heighten the protection of all of us when we gather in public places?

Medical practices?  Should they label patients as potentially dangerous based on the drugs they prescribe?

Parents?  Are they training their children and leading them in the pathway of life?

Self?  Do I always seek what is right, good and pure?  Do I 100% of the time keep my thoughts, beliefs and actions in agreement to what is pleasing to God?

Maybe we do have the potential to self-govern.  Maybe a time of inward reflection would bring the needed shift we all desperately desire.

I suggest a national lock-down, not to protect ourselves from others.  We need protection from us.  What if we just temporarily shut down and returned to our homes to reflect?  What if we opened our hearts and evaluated what we discover?   Would we find ourselves ready to call upon God, to receive His grace that alone can rid us of all of our filth?  Jesus took it all upon Himself when He sacrificed His life on the cross.  He rose again and empowered us to live a transformed life.  Will you receive Him?  Will you bring a better self to a hurting land?

1 Comments on “hope”

  1. Trevin Wax writes in Christianity Today, “When we imagine our place within the cosmic story of redemption, we come to realize we are more than passive victims of evil’s consequences. We are evil insurrectionists, rebels against the good and loving authority of God our Creator. In The Gulag Archipelago, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, who suffered at the hands of the Soviet Communists, put it well: ‘Gradually, it was disclosed to me that the line separating good and evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties either- but right through every human heart.'” (“Rejoicing in the Wrath”, July/August 2012)

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