time together

Is it any wonder that the less time we spend with our spouse, the more we fall away from him or her?  Unfortunately, this is something that I have been witnessing in the lives of others lately.  The results are not pretty and even sometimes beyond repair.  Are we ready to make the necessary changes?  Instead of prioritizing our responsibilities above our relationships with God and our spouse, we need to give first attention to that which we covenanted with God to protect- our marriage.

Here are some helpful ideas: schedule a weekly date night and even take turns planning what to do.  Don’t worry if you can’t swing the money for a sitter, meal and a movie.  Simply send the kids to bed early with the understanding that mom and dad need some time together.  Prepare a candlelit dinner and play soft music.  Go all out by even dressing in the fanciest clothes you have!

If that is not your style, consider a long bike ride or walk at a place you don’t often visit.  Your appreciation of new vistas will spark much needed conversation.  Learning something new together can also prove to be an adventure with a great opportunity for bonding.

Whatever you decide to do, know that the romance builds as you both look ahead to that day each week when the focus is simply being together.  It’s an investment that will continue to bring a return long after the children have grown and the work schedule has changed!

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