words that encourage

This marriage minute is targeted to wives!  Do we really understand the power of our influence?  Can we believe that God has especially equipped us with influence for His purpose of promoting good in our husbands?

Our words have power.  In fact, according to Proverbs 18:21, our words can promote life or death!  I wonder which of the two we would consider the dominate theme of all of the words we have spoken concerning our husbands if we had a recording from every day of our marriages?

Here is a suggestion:  let’s make a commitment to pray daily for our husbands.  I find that as a result of that time in prayer for him, the Lord often gives me an encouraging word to share.  When I call my husband to speak the life-giving message from the Father, he is always so encouraged and thankful.

The Spirit of God will always lead us in the holiness of God.  As we stay in step with Him, we will overflow with the influence that our husbands need.

Renee Beamer


2 Comments on “words that encourage”

  1. Renee, I love this. I am walking through this right now. I was using the not so kind words towards my husband and he started to fall apart. I went to the Lord and was complaining. The Lord was so gentle when he took the blinders off of my own eyes and ears and revealed to me,,, me. What did I expect from my husband when I was the one digging in deep up rooting my influence. Suddenly I felt the desire to let my Savior refill me again and help me refocus on what I had suddenly and unexpectedly loss,, my compassion and excitement for my husband. So last few weeks I have been encouraging and praying and supporting and speaking life. He is back on the right track now. He is not so tense, he is focused and smiling. He is loving and willing to go garage sale hunting with me,, who would of thought? So I love this entry … totally confirms what the Lord has shown me.

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