aim to please

A husband aims to please his wife.

What is your response to that statement?   “He hasn’t shown me any evidence of that in a long time!”  Or, would you be more inclined to say, “This I know, and I use it to my advantage!”

To those who find little to no evidence of their husband’s pursuit to please, I ask you to consider if you have been repeatedly critical of him?  Maybe he gave up long ago seeking to please you because he found it impossible to do.  Ouch.  I think we can all target times when the only message we were sending was, “I wish you could be better.”

On the other end of the spectrum, some find their husbands quick to cater to every whim, and why would a wife want to jeopardize that?  They are living the dream- “He gives, and I take!”

Where is the balance found so that we can have healthy marriages?  First, we compliment our husbands.  Tell him what he does well.  Tell his friends what he does well.  Tell your family what he does well.  It’s a simple change of mindset that says, I am going to focus on all the good in my husband.

Secondly, always ask him to weigh your suggestions, desires and dreams before the Lord.  This lets your husband know that you trust his judgment.  It also helps you to remember that he’s not your genie in a bottle; he’s your covering, the one chosen by God to promote His goodness in your life!



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