good times, good times

How long has it been since you and your spouse have looked at pictures from the dating years or early years of marriage?  Have you recently pulled out the cards and love letters that you gave to one another?  I ask because it is important to remember the good times that were shared when perhaps life was a little more simple.  It’s not to say that your marriage is in a hard place now or that there are no more opportunities for special memories; it’s just a good idea to revisit the earlier years and remember how dear your love was when it was new.

Recently, that little keepsake box of sacred love notes was dumped all over my closet floor when I accidentally bumped it off the shelf trying to make room for one more purse!  It ended up being a good move because Jon and I sat in bed reading every little written expression of our love from over 20 years ago.  It was a sweet experience for both of us!  We giggled and commented on many of the items tucked away in that box.

Even if you didn’t keep a collection of special letters or photos, how about just initiating a conversation with something like, “Remember that time ….?  That’s one of my favorite memories with you.  What is yours?”

I once read a statement by Dr. James Dobson in which he commended the making of family scrapbook albums.  He said that he believed fewer families would go down the road of divorce if they could just look at all of the physical evidence of the good in their married lives.  I have to agree!  Ready to go digging for some treasured memories?  It’s time to reminisce and rekindle that romance!


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