ask daddy. daddy can fix anything.

I think my husband Jon loves having the reputation around our house of being able to fix anything!  Got a splinter?  Jon can extract it!  Something not working on the car?  He can take care of that too!  Electronic glitch?  He’ll fix it!  I could just go on and on!

Ladies, our men like it when we see them doing what they do best!  My husband is a gifted builder, and he has always invited me to come and see his projects.  I’ve been on so many job sites over the years that now the smell of fresh-cut lumber is a sweet experience!

In what way can you increase your respect for the gifting in your man?  There’s something that he’s really good at, and it would give him a huge boost if you could witness it for yourself.  Maybe he’s athletically inclined, and you can cheer him on while he plays hard.  If he’s musical, let him know you really enjoy watching and hearing him play.  If there is no company policy prohibiting it, visit him while he’s at work.

On one occasion while skiing with Jon, I told him that I would go ahead of him down the slope then stop midway to watch him make his descent.  I asked him to get some air for me with one of those fancy jumps he can do.  Oh, yeah- he was digging it!

See what I mean?  It’s pretty easy, but it’s not an act of flattery.  This is expressing a real sentiment of, “You are so good at that!”  Honestly, our husbands already know it; they just take great pleasure in us knowing it too!

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