we just need to get real

I have always enjoyed reading the various exchanges recorded in Scripture between Moses and God.  I try to imagine the tone of their voices, and I feel confident that in the case of Moses asking God for meat for His people, the leader of the masses is exasperated!

Why have You brought this trouble on your servant?  What have I done to displease You that You put the burden of all these people on me?  Did I conceive all these people?  Did I give them birth?  Why do you tell me to carry them in my arms…? (Numbers 11:11-13).

Moses sounds as though he’s at the end of his rope.  He confesses to God that the burden is too great for him, and he’s prepared to die if there is going to be no change (Numbers 11:14-15).

I’m wondering today, do we realize that honest conversations with God is the exact remedy for our emotional upheavals?  Just as God could handle Moses’ rant, vulnerability and questions, He can handle our own ugly feelings and emotions that seem to be out of control.

I call this filtering.  It’s the act of dumping the mess of our souls before God and coming away with a pure heart.  Is it easy?  Not always… things that the Holy Spirit reveals while we’re sorting through emotions are not always pleasant things.  There are truths revealed that we would choose to believe are not really within us.  But we have a choice when corrected by the truth of God:  we can walk in it or ignore it.  The Bible says His kindness leads us to repentance (Romans 2:4).  Right there… that’s where we are made new and able to go forth in the righteousness of Christ and actually be a benefit to others in our lives.

I have experienced this miraculous change in my life.  On one particular occasion, my emotions changed from hatred to divine love.  How does God do that?  Here’s the good news:  it’s not dependent upon our ability to produce; it is the Spirit who causes us to love as Christ loves.  We only need to yield our hearts.

Take your junk to the Lord today.  He can handle it.  He wants to even change it to something beautiful!

On that note, I’m thinking of two t-shirt designs:  one with the words, “JUNK STILL HERE- WATCH OUT!”  The other has the simple statement, “purified vessel.”  Which one do you feel like putting on?

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