to where do you run?

To where do you run when the storms of life rage?  One of my favorite scriptures is Psalm 91:1, and it states, “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.”  This is escapism at its finest!

It’s funny how a less spiritual form of escape always enters my mind whenever I find myself in a storm.  “You can just quit,” I’ll hear the enemy say.  “You can change locations.”  As easy as either of those routes appear to be, I know, as a believer, I am called to be courageous and to press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me.

The most difficult storm I have endured to date was running for a seat on my city’s school board.  The election ballot was full of candidates’ names for various seats, including the mayor, so it was a hyperactive campaign season.  We all participated in numerous public and private forums in which we were granted opportunities to answer tough questions and to defend our platforms.  For me, going before people who did not like me solely because I wasn’t their choice candidate was unnerving.  Feeling exposed to public criticism is not the most comfortable feeling.

The Father was doing a necessary work in my life.  He was stripping me of the need to please man.  And, I must say, I  felt skinned alive and as raw in my soul as I ever have!  But that was a good thing!  It forced me to prostrate myself and pray before every meeting, interview or public forum.  It was in those times of praying in the Spirit that God deposited good things into my mind to speak about in the upcoming event.  I reasoned that since He called me into the race, He was able to give me the words to say when I stood before the people.

I am so thankful for the experience of running for school board.  It was a difficult place to be in yet necessary as it produced greater depth in the ability to die to my flesh.  And, the Spirit came alive in me as I learned more and more about the faithfulness of God with every decision I made to hide in Him.

My pastor says there are three types of people:  those who are coming out of a storm, those who are in a storm, and those who are heading into a storm!  In this current season, I find myself in a storm.  Once again, I am desperate for the Lord and trusting in His faithful resolution.

To where do you run when things get tough?  Left alone to your own thoughts, you may find yourself as an easy target for Satan’s temptation to be fearful or doubt God’s goodness.  Running to the masses is also an action we must do with caution.   Let’s run to, better yet, let’s dwell in the shelter of the Most High!  God promises us His rest when we are within His shadow.

A deep and intimate union with Jesus and with His Father is the source of all our healing and all our strength.  It is, as Leanne Payne says, “the central and unique truth of Christianity.”  (Wild at Heart, John Eldredge)

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