dog on the beach

It had been a full week of ministry in the Dominican Republic.  Our team did six church services, three afternoons of VBS, six mornings building a church and a school adddition and clearing out rooms, one television show, one street ministry and a neighborhood outreach.   We saw God move in miraculous ways!  Lives were transformed as faith came to life and eternities were altered.  And to think that’s the pace missionaries Mitch and Debbie Martinez keep most weeks!

Our Dominican friends did not want us to return home without the opportunity to experience the beautiful beaches of the DR.  We took advantage of the morning hours prior to departure to soak in the sun, swim in the warm waters and watch the palm trees sway in the gentle Caribbean breezes.

My first attempt to rest on the beach brought the attention of a stray dog who dug a hole in the sand and napped alongside of me.

When I realized my towel was getting wet from the sand, I picked it up and moved back to a dryer spot.  The dog did the same.

Now, understand that my heart was very tender to the Lord because of all that He allowed me to witness through His outpouring in the DR, so, I was suddenly taken by the dog’s need to be near me.  As I stayed there and talked with the Father, I teared up at the thought of how the Holy Spirit, like the dog on the beach, desires presence.  He just wants to be near.

When you’re relaxing, He wants to be near.  When you’re working, He wants to be near.  When you’re hurting, He wants to be near.  When you’re rejoicing, He wants to be near.

It’s pretty simple, really.  He is the God who is with us, and He enjoys our fellowship.

Come near to God and He will come near to you (James 4:8).

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