Shortcomings…. we all have them!  Not one single person who walks this earth has been perfected.  But, the Lord, who began a good work in us, WILL carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus (Philippians 1:6).

One thing I have always appreciated about the Lord’s match-making in marriages is the way the two complement one another.  His strengths are her weaknesses and vice versa.  Do you see that at work in your relationship?  I really believe God purposed it to be that way!  I have often said that if Jon had my personality and my quirks, I wouldn’t be able to stand being married to him!  No, I need him to be the man he is with the strengths he possesses.

But what about the weaknesses of our spouses?  Do we look at them as flaws?  Do we even keep a record of his or her shortcomings?

That’s exactly what we should do.  Write a list of all of those flaws…. and THROW IT AWAY!  My friend, Debbie Noble, told a group of us wives to do this symbolic act of obedience to God’s Word concerning love and its refusal to keep a record of wrongs.  Throw away that list with understanding that we are all God’s masterpieces but still in the construction phase!

Let’s have a shift in our perspective of our better halves!  Let’s champion the glory of God upon them and reward them for all of their strengths.  Choose to focus on all the good qualities of your spouse and look for opportunities today to say, “I see Jesus in you!”

2 Comments on “shortcomings”

  1. Good word, Renee…and sometimes we need to check back and make sure we haven’t started a new mental list of shortcomings (or revisited old ones). In order to keep our hearts free of resentment or “scorekeeping,” we should regularly clean out the closets of our minds, making sure there are no slips of paper lingering in the corner with a shortcoming scribbled on it!

    • Thank you, Debbie, for this encouragement “to keep our hearts free of resentment…” I will make a visit to that closet of the mind to see if any such debris is lying around!

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