mountain climbing

“Just breathe” were the words used to coach myself in the days of encountering great resistance.  It was a daily struggle but one that kept me hungry for the Lord’s Presence.  As always, when we encounter the fickleness of others, or even identify it within ourselves, the wisest thing to do is to run for cover in the One who eternally remains the same.

“Just breathe” became the motto meaning “move ahead” in a season where things of great importance demanded my attention, but the struggle served as a distraction.

“Push through” was the Holy Spirit’s exhortation that gave me the supernatural ability to overcome emotional fatigue and do something advantageous for the kingdom of God.

I look back on that three-week season and marvel at the Lord’s sustaining power.  Indeed, His strength was made perfect in my weakness.  To worship Him in Spirit and truth was my only prescription for a mind that raced in the pre-dawn hours and a body depleted of proper nourishment and rest.

But now…  I see from the summit’s perspective.  I was climbing a mountain all along and didn’t even know it.  Here, at the peak, I see all around me- an immense valley echoing cries from confusion, distrust and anger.  Now that my breathing has stabilized and my whole body has recovered, I’m at a unique place of opportunity.  I can pray with greater faith.  I’ve encountered the struggle, and by God’s grace demonstrated to me through His strength and His peace, I can pray with assurance that He is bringing it ALL together for good.

I say to the Lord, You are good, and what You do is good… it was good for me to be afflicted so that I might learn Your decrees (Psalm 119:68,71).

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