everything and right now

My husband, Jon, has been waiting.  He’s been waiting more than two years for the revelation of God concerning this next stage of life.  Ideally, God will impart a new vision and strategy all at once.  The future will be beautifully laid out for us with an assurance of our abiding in the perfect will of God.

Does this sound familiar?  Have you also requested full knowledge of God’s plan for your life, saying something like, “What will it look like; what will I be doing?”

It’s common to the human experience to want everything and to want it right now.  But, that is not typically how the Father moves in our lives.  I felt led to encourage Jon recently by saying, “I believe that we are more faithful in our walk with the Lord when we ask God to show us the next step instead of asking Him to reveal the whole plan.  A lifetime of faithfulness is made up of daily prayers expressing our desire to be in the right place for that moment.”

In the beginning of God establishing His covenant with His treasured people, He made clear that the land they would possess was their inheritance.  He clarified that He would drive out all the nations who currently occupied the land, and He would do it little by little.  “You will not be allowed to eliminate them all at once,” He said (Deuteronomy 7:22).

Well, that just goes against our nature of wanting it all and wanting it now.  But, again, the Father leads us into a relationship that is based on our having faith in His faithfulness.  We’re going to have to walk alongside of Him each and every day, trusting that what He has said, He will do, delivering us from an enemy who is too strong and too numerous for us to resist in our own strength.

It’s encouraging to see in the Deuteronomy 7 passage that there’s a method to the madness.  The Lord clarifies why He won’t eliminate their enemies all at once.  He will drive them out little by little so that the wild animals do not multiply around them and become a deadly threat for His chosen people.

It is for their own good.  God desires to protect His children!

Oh, that we have eyes to see!  Through this Old Testament truth, may we adapt a new understanding to the way God seems to keep so much a secret!  He is not being cruel or unfair.  He is being a protective Father.  You and I are gaining an eternal inheritance, and we are taking ground little by little.  Let us demonstrate our faith in His ability to do it all well, to do it all in perfect timing, and to do it all with the promotion of His goodness in our lives.

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