thank you for the lessons

My mother-in-law, Jackie, was not a teacher, but she taught me many things.  I say this with great respect for her personality which was completely opposite of mine.  I am forever teaching, offering guidance, explaining, etc., but that was not Jackie’s way.  She taught by example.  Honestly, I doubt she even realized that others were following her lead.

Here are some important life lessons I have learned from Jackie:

Beauty comes from a pure heart.  The innocence in her was attractive.  And, out of a pure heart she was gracious, kind and thoughtful.

Dress nicely but dress modestly.  My mother-in-law loved being well put together.  A nice outfit was always complete with matching shoes, purse and a blazer or coat.

The best thing to put on is a smile.  She talked with a smile on her face.  I think I will miss that the most.

Love your husband faithfully.  I never heard Jackie say anything disrespectful about Bill.  She showed love and care for him all of their 61 years together.

Value the importance of Christian education for your children and grandchildren.  My mother-in-law was supportive of our years of home education as well as the children’s transition to a Christian school.

Carry a compact Bible that fits in your purse.  I remember countless times at the end of church service watching Jackie close her Bible and place it into her purse.  Today I find myself often grabbing my small Bible from the desk and putting it in my bag before I head out of the house.

Open wide the doors of your home to family and friends.  It was always a delight for Jackie to invite friends over for fellowship.  She and Bill hosted many meals and gatherings in their home that have provided us all with cherished memories.

Send an encouraging note to one who needs it.  Jackie was very conscious of mailing cards to any who were ill or going through a tough time.  Of course, she never forgot to do the same for a birthday, anniversary or holiday!

Celebrate life.  My mother-in-law most resembled Jesus in her celebration of life.  She tended to have a positive outlook about issues and was able to celebrate all occasions with a sincerity of heart.


2 Comments on “thank you for the lessons”

  1. Renee I’m so sorry to hear about the passing of Mrs. Beamer. On behalf of the Rogne Ohana please except our deepest regrets during this time of great loss. May God bring comfort in days ahead and peace that only he can give to you and your family.

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