How did Jesus call Peter and Andrew to the work of the Kingdom?  He said, “Come, and I will make you fishers of men.”  You’ve got to love His word selection- telling fishermen while they are at work casting a net into the lake, “Hey!  I’m calling you to take your fishing capability to a higher level!”  That language gets their attention!

May I suggest that Jesus is still calling His disciples today, and He is still using language that gets our attention?  I personally experienced this in recent years on a day that I was reflecting on my childhood passion for cheerleading.  I invested over nine years in the sport but felt the urge to ask the Lord, “Was it all vanity?”

I heard the Holy Spirit speak to me- “Renee, I made you a cheerleader, but you are to cheer My Name and My fame.”  Hearing this calling from the Lord energized me with purpose and direction.  It also confirmed my life verse, “…Your Name and renown are the desire of my heart” (Isaiah 26:8).  But, a most tasty morsel to end this testimony is the story of how God confirmed the calling.  I was being introduced as the speaker at a women’s event, and my friend and women’s ministry leader, Whitney, described me as God’s cheerleader.  Now how did she know that?  God knew that; that’s how!  And, He wanted to make sure I knew that He knows who I am to Him!

If you haven’t yet heard God “speak your language,” don’t worry.  The mere fact that you are here is proof of the calling on your life.  Ask Him.  Listen for His voice; because, honestly, one of the sweetest things to hear is, “This is who you are to Me.”

4 Comments on “called”

  1. I love how you deliver a message… You tie it to yourself so personally and it makes it real! I haven’t stopped enough to read your messages but after today I realized how much I have missed them! I am so thankful for you!!

  2. Jonney, that little message made my day! I love you too! Keep revealing the beauty of our God here in the earth! He has anointed your hands to produce beauty!

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