stepping out

Often when I sing and worship along with “I’m Coming Your Way” by Desperation Band, I think of myself in the boat with the disciples on the night Peter stepped out onto the water to meet his Lord.  To calm their fears of a close encounter with a ghost, Jesus assured His friends it was He approaching.

“Lord, if it’s You,” Peter replied, “tell me to come to You on the water.” 

Don’t you love this?  Would you have said something similar?  Have you ever put feelers out there for the Holy Spirit to confirm and signal your proceeding forward?


That’s it.  A simple, “Come,” and Peter is making a move.  But just imagine the scene with me!  See yourself as Peter, standing at the edge of the boat with your arm extended out over the water in the direction of Jesus.  With a blend of fear and excitement you call to the Lord, “Is that you?”  Your ears listen for His voice, and you hear the familiar word: “Come.”  Now there is no doubt, Jesus is there, walking on the water in your direction.  As the sea mist sprays your face, you study the hardly visible scene a moment longer, then look at the inside wall of the boat where you stand.  You look at the rough waters just on the other side and see only darkness, no bottom in sight.  Another glance at Jesus…  Heart rate accelerating, you see yourself lifting a foot and leg over the side.  Your hands hold fast while your breathing deepens and you put your weight against the rocking boat to send your other leg over, and now both feet are wet with the splash of the waves.  Your eyes strain again to see Him in the predawn shadows.  One hand releases, and as a laugh begins to rise from deep within your being, you fully let go, regain stature and take the first step.  This is exhilarating!  You’re doing it-  actually walking on water with the same uncertainty of a toddler letting go of the coffee table and launching out into the unknown.  You feel alive with possibility!

CAN YOU IMAGINE?  I bet you can… you heard the Lord speak something in the way of “Come.”  You stepped out of the boat not knowing where you would land.  Remember that feeling of excitement mixed with fear?  Remember knowing that Jesus was either going to keep your head above water or you were a “goner” for sure?

Those are the times when our skin doesn’t seem to fit; or maybe, it’s just been removed all together.  That’s it!  Skinned alive is dying to flesh!  Lay that flesh down and live for Christ!

Oh, I understand!  I want things to be simple too.  But, if I ever thought simple meant comfortable, I was dead wrong.  And each trial requiring me to die to the flesh is only equipping me with greater resolve to accept the next challenge.

Let’s face it- it’s no fun stepping out of the boat, but it’s exhilarating!  Everything within us at that moment comes into agreement and shouts, “I am alive!”  It is here in desperation that we become fully aware of what we should have known all along: “Truly You are the Son of God.”

I pray that none of us will miss the next adventure on the other side of the boat. I pray that we would never cheat ourselves of knowing Him and fulfilling the work of the kingdom that has always been, and will always be, a work of the supernatural.

Scripture reference:  Matthew 14 (NIV)

6 Comments on “stepping out”

  1. Awesome word! So true and yes it is refreshing and exhilarating to see how God meets us right as we ‘step out’ of our comfort zone! Praise God!

  2. Renee, I love reading your writings. You bring thought and message together; reality can then be seen. I clearly see myself in my current situation after reading this. I will simply surrender and “Come”.

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