just do what I do

Mentorship is investment in another person’s life with the aim of helping him to grow.  For the Christ -follower, it is the goal to see the one mentored come to a place of recognizing their need of God’s grace and to also mature in their faith.  As the apostle Paul told those he spiritually fathered, “Just do what I do.”  In essence, we mentor effectively when we open the door to our lives for others to see everything real about us.  Real love for Christ, real devotion to His Word, real time in prayer, real application of scriptural truths, real flops, real “get back up and into the race” moments…  “just do what I do.”

In a desire to grow as a mentor, I will share some valuable things that I have learned along the way.  When I did a Bible study on the Book of Proverbs years ago, I learned that I need more time in the Book of Proverbs!  These writings of Solomon (one or two may be written by different authors) cause us to reflect on all areas of our lives:  God’s sovereignty, relationships, behaviors, work, possessions, thoughts and attitudes of the heart.  I’m sure I left some important elements out of the list, but to summarize I would simply say that my response to reading a chapter of Proverbs is, “Ouch!”  These morsels of wisdom shine the spotlight on my erroneous ways!

I learned this about Proverbs:  There are 31 chapters, one for each day of the month.  Read through one chapter each day, but don’t just read the words- pray them with sincerity of heart.  If the truth presented hurts, then it must be something you and I need to pray about!  Keep repeating each month:  the wisdom will transfer from our minds and mouths to our hearts!

Let’s do a practice run!  Today is February 21, so I am reading Proverbs 21, and as prompted by verse 1, I begin to pray about our nation and her leaders, my heart’s desires and seeking the Lord’s correction for anything that would lead me away from Him (I know I can trust His discipline!).  I pray to be found humble and diligent with His plan for a prosperous ministry.  I ask also to be found humble in showing respect and honor to my husband so that he is not inclined to want to live apart from me!  I pray to be sensitive to the cry of the poor and to act with mercy as I have been blessed by the Lord’s tender mercy.  I pray for justice to guide the decision-making for all leaders with authority to govern.  I pray that I will not allow my life to be consumed with pleasure-seeking…

See what I mean?  When we pray a chapter of Proverbs, we allow the Word of God to get all into our business!  Ultimately, we grow in the wisdom of God, and that is the divine purpose of this beautiful book of sayings!

Honestly, it’s been a few years since I made this portion of Scripture a part of my daily reading, but I am ready to get back to a daily dose of wisdom!  Will you join me?

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