role reversal… the good kind!

Beamer Family 013

Who would you say is spiritually stronger in your marriage?  I ask because it is often thought that women are more sensitive to the Lord and His leading than men are.  I know that over the years Jon has come to me for spiritual counsel and insight, and honestly, I did consider myself to exercise greater faith than he did in certain seasons.  But Ephesians 5:23 states that the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the Church.  This truth is increasingly becoming the reality in our lives, and I think that is very exciting!

I’ll share where I believe the shift in our marriage happened.  While I was in the midst of writing The Love Triangle: What Every Couple Needs for a Successful Marriage, Jon asked me one day what I saw next for the book.  My answer revealed that I had blinders on during this project, and my vision was narrowly focused.  All I could see were sentences forming paragraphs and paragraphs forming chapters, so I answered, “Chapter Six!”  He laughed and asked me to express my faith for the purpose of the book once completed.    These words proceeded from my mouth:

Jon, I’m learning a lot through my study and writing.  I’m learning that as Adam was the intended protection of Eve and her decision-making, so you are my covering.  What you say this book does once it is complete, that it will do.                                 

Can you say, “revelation?”  My husband grabbed hold of those words and ran with them!  In the past year he has actually called me to the line.  What line, you ask?  The line of believing God for things yet seen.  Jon is the forerunner in faith in our marriage, and I’d have it no other way!     


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