the wait


Silence.  It’s in the times of God’s quietness that we wonder if He’s even there.  Does He care?  Is He who He says He is?  Why must we endure another hour let alone days, months and years of not knowing?

Have you waited for God?  Have you had to rely on His promises while observing no evidence of His doing that which He has spoken?  Did you cycle through emotions such as frustration, jealously, anger and hopelessness? What actions did you take during the wait?  Did you attempt to become your own remedy, or did you pray and proclaim His Word over and over?  When there was still no change, did you give up or did you invite others to come alongside of you and believe with you?

Waiting is to the Christian experience as casting a line is to the sport of fishing.  As much as we would desire to manufacture the results of our petitions according to our time table, we simply cannot demand of God “Now!”

Abraham waited.  Twenty-five is the total number of years between his hearing God’s promise of a nation coming forth through him and the birth of Isaac.

Joseph waited more than twenty-seven years to look upon his father’s face after his brothers sold him into slavery and sent him away from his homeland.

Twenty years.  It was that long of a wait for David to realize his prophesied throne over Israel.

Linda waited.  The desired adoption of an orphaned Chinese girl never happened, yet today she is the proud mother-in-law of a beautiful Chinese-American.

You’ve waited.  I’ve waited.  And what do we have to show for our wait?  God’s fame.  We must admit:  when He moves, it is never faulty.  The One who sees everything and knows everything is able to make all things come together for our good.  His decisions are comprehensive.  While we see the pressing need in neon flashing lights, God sees all the intricacies that surround the circumstance.

God is for you, Friend.  His silence does not mean He’s done with you.  He will never leave you nor forget about you; it’s His promise.  Trust Him in the silent wait.  Join ranks with the other faithful believers who trusted even when there was no evidence of His hand at work.  He is working.  He is positioning things and people for His purposes.  Will you believe?

Yes, Lord, walking in the ways of your laws, we wait for You; Your name and renown are the desire of our hearts (Isaiah 26:8).

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