do not fear


Fear is an inhibitor.  It blocks the things of God that are already in place for us to receive.  When we say “no” to fear and “yes” to faith, we appropriate our spiritual inheritance.  Is there lack in your life?  Identify the fear and choose to trust God based on the truth of His Word.

My recent post, “snake bite,” is one of my many testimonies of overcoming fear.  What is yours?

4 Comments on “do not fear”

  1. The misunderstood FEAR of displeasing my HOLY GOD & missing out totally of what my Creator & Savior has for me & my family beyond redemption. YES, we are to reverently be so aware of HIS PRESENCE inside of us & all around that we will PAUSE & THINK before considering & possibly making the wrong choices. YET, HE understands that we are as dust; knows our human condition (frame~Ps.103). We are to reverently fear HIM and be so confident of HIS GREAT LOVE & MERCY; so that we know where to go & receive grace & forgiveness; when we inevitably stumble & fall. HE is such a wondrous HEAVENLY FATHER who NEVER CONDEMNS~~yet~~CONVICTS HIS CHILDREN because JESUS wants the best of HIS REDEMPTION in our short lives while on earth. WHY would HE be called REDEEMER if there was nothing to redeem???

    My secondary FEAR is that if we as a married couple & separate individuals did not do & still fall short of doing EVERYTHING correctly in the realm of FINANCES; that there would be & is no hope of GOD providing for us & for me. I have discovered that this is a distortion of & unbalanced TRUTH by my unredeemed flesh leaning heavily towards fear & anxiety. Satan joins right in there attempting to convince me (& sometimes ‘winning’) that we were & are doomed to miss out on the adequacy & sufficiency of an all knowing & loving GOD in the dimension of complex finances if we didn’t do our part always correctly. HE lovingly understands that we do not always ‘get it right’ the first, second, or third time around. He knows what we are made of since we are HIS CREATION; what the FALL of mankind did & does to distort TRUTH in our fleshly lives with the enemy of our souls joining right in there; causing more fear, anxiety & hopelessness. OH, I love my JESUS, my SAVIOR, TEACHER & REDEEMER so much. HE can be implicitly TRUSTED at ALL TIMES WITHOUT FAIL. I desire to be HIS compliant child & pupil as each moment develops & unfolds. I need HIM via the HOLY SPIRIT so much, repeatedly & repeatedly & repeatedly. I trust HIM to continually, lovingly teach me & provide for me, step by step by step. He has forgiven me much. I am in HIS DEBT.

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