Something for everyone but everything for no one.

The Holy Spirit spoke this above statement to me, and it makes me wonder, “Is it really a glorious state to multitask and be overextended?”  Is the celebrated woman the one whose car is never at home?”

My grandmother, in the latter years of her life, spoke regret concerning the amount of time she spent away from her family.  One day, when I was in my early twenties, she said these words: “I wish I had not worked so much and lost all that time with Linda and Larry.”  Can I tell you that her statement brought a sting to my heart?  My mom knew her mother’s absence in her childhood years.  She knew leaving home every summer to live with her grandparent while mom and dad worked.  Mom used to describe to me that time of her life and say, “I had every desired piece of clothing in my closet with matching shoes, but I didn’t have my mother around.”

My mom grew up, married and began motherhood with the same pursuits her mother had years before.  Mom went to work and found great satisfaction in her job.  Yet, after she was abandoned by her husband, divorced and remarried, she became a stay-at-home mom at the request of her second husband.  Kim and John were toddlers at that point, and Dad knew they needed their mother full-time.  Then I was born!  Ahhh, I remember that day!  Not really, but I do remember spending my early childhood years with my mom- everyday!  We were together all the time.  It gave me a sense of security and identity.  I KNEW that I was loved.  When I was at home, I played in the basement with my toys.  When Mom and I went out, I enjoyed the restaurant and store visits with her and her friends.

During my school years, my mom was very involved in the extra-curricular activities in which my siblings and I participated.  She was the go-to parent when help was needed at any level.  So even though my environment changed, the stability of Mom’s presence did not.

Mom was a gifted woman and put her talents to work by becoming self-employed and adding to the household income.  She made sure that her work did not take her away from time spent with us kids, so owning her own business was her ticket to setting the schedule to her liking.

This brings me back to the beginning sentence.  My mom could have been one to divide herself among countless responsibilities and organizations.  We kids could have suffered from receiving only the leftovers of her time, but that wasn’t the case.  My mom’s goal was not to give something to everyone.  By the grace of God extended to her through the love of her husband and my dad, my mom gave everything.

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