choose well

You get to choose and so do I.                                  garden-81

The pathway to Life

Is not hidden in the sky.

Nor is it across the vast sea;

Freewill means it’s within you;

It’s within me.

The Word is very near;

Our hearts and mouths do show

The choice before us this day:

Which way you should go?

To your right is a garden.

Its name is Grace.

Everything needed for Life

In this one place.

Trees, man did not plant,

Yield food to fill the plate.

“Do I belong there,” you say,

“And if I do, is it not too late?”

“Yes, Child,” the Father answers,

“Come, and eat with Me.”

“Eat, drink, and have your fill.

With renewed strength, see.

Set your eyes to the hills.

The garden must grow;

So take it there.

My provision for Life

With others we must share.

You and I, together in this work.

Your purpose divinely planned

Before I set the foundation for earth.”

“New heights we will climb;

Thrills to take your breath away.

Like a toddler who ventures out-

First steps, shouts of “Yay!”

To see it through your eyes

Is my reward each day.

Go forth and multiply.

I will be with you, now go.

Have no fear of anything,

For Grace is your home.”

I looked to the left, another choice before me.

A place undesirable,

A land hard and thorny.

To find food one must strive;

He picks at the soil,

but it does not provide.

I can choose my path

And make it on my own.

The garden of Grace

Does not have to be my home.

Here there’s no assignment;

Each one decides his fate.

It seems a choice of ease;

No one sets out beyond the gate.

I take a closer look;

Nothing resembles a table.

“There’s no rest here,” one moans.

“All of existence is unstable.”

I ask, “Where do you join with others?

Where are your sisters and your brothers?”

In weakness he replies,

“Here there is no love,

only time for work, you see.

We grasp at anything to dull the pain-

we drink, we use, we sleep.”

I apply my mind to what I see.

This isn’t the place I would want for me.

The freedom it boasts is actually a lie.

This nameless place is none other

Than where one comes to die.

So choose you this day

The path of death or

The path of life.

In one you are free;

In the other there’s strife.


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