joyless but knowledgeable

I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete (John 15:11).

Dear Friends, have you checked your “joy meter” lately?  I ask because I know there is some joylessness among Christians.  Honestly, that is one of the greatest oxymorons I know.  It’s like a depressed cheerleader!  Jesus has opened the door for our joy to be complete, but as you and I understand, we just can’t manufacture that state of well-being in the soul!

How does He expect us to have joy?

Remain in me, and I will remain in you.  No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine.  Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in Me (John 15:4).

Notice that the Lord does not offer us the suggestion to, “Try harder.”  He simply says, “Be with Me; enjoy My Presence.”  This is the best prescription, but it escapes the believer because of deception, apathy or a lack of discipleship.  The result is a mental awareness of Jesus, the Son of God, but a relationship, a partaking of the heavenly reality of Jesus enthroned (all that is His is ours!), is absent.

I recently heard a believer share about his faith in the medical community to bring about a solution for a dire situation.  The amount of research he did was unheard of- I mean, I almost fell off my chair as he boasted of the number of recorded pages of his research.  His focus on learning everything he could about medical professionals drove him to spending countless days compiling data.  The result is a work that probably could qualify for a world record.

But it makes me think, what if we give the same level of attention to the Great Physician… months of talking with Him about the issue, hearing Him answer through His eternal Word… recording and speaking the promises that still stand and forever will…

If that seems pointless, then I suggest you watch Dodie Osteen in the video recording of her testimony.  Medical science had no solution for her battle with the cancer that invaded her body.  Yet, she took hold of the Living Word, and she lived!  What a testimony of God’s love, Jesus’ joy and the countless heavenly benefits for us who believe and partake.

(A disclaimer:  In every storm of life, God has the solutions we seek.  I am not discrediting the value of man’s wisdom and expertise; however, I do know we are to seek God first for direction.  My post, “no FDA, no Rx… just truth” describes my own questioning of God for the path to take in order to be well in my body.)

Joy is ours for the taking, friend.  Jesus paid the great price of suffering and death for us to inherit a joy-filled life in Him.  So, if necessary, rearrange your life so that you can do what the Great Physician prescribes:  remain in Him.  Have no other pursuit above your relationship with the Lord, because the more you seek Him, the more you shall have of Him!

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