a continuous circle

images-1However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband (Ephesians 5:33).

Have you noticed that the wedding band, the symbol of marital union, shows no evidence of a beginning nor an end?  How does the circle represent our respective roles in the marriage relationship?

I see the on-going enhancement of marriage as a natural result of the husband loving his wife, which, in turn, results in the wife respecting her man!  The more respect the wife has for her husband, the more love he demonstrates toward her.  Although the result of an never-ending circle is natural, the catalyst for love and respect is SUPERNATURAL!  A husband cannot love sacrificially as Christ loved unless the power of the Holy Spirit has dominion in his life.  Likewise, the wife will not submit herself fully to her husband unless the same power is at work in and through her to love, honor and exhibit self-control.

So, who is supposed to take the first step in enhancing the relationship:  the husband or the wife?  Whoever has revelational knowledge of God’s plan for a Christ-centered marriage should take the initiative!

If you are a wife and you desire improvement in your marriage, start today by respecting your husband at a greater level than you ever have.  Affirm him and demonstrate appreciation for his role as the head of your marriage.  Submit to him with your words, your hidden attitudes and your continual prayers for his heart to be led by the Holy Spirit.

If you, as a husband, want to enhance the on-going love and respect shared between you and your wife, then love her with a dying-to-self kind of love.  Go out of your way to demonstrate how much she means to you.  Pray and ask the Holy Spirit for creativity to know how to do this, and do it often.  He will cater your love action to meet her need.

For more information about how husbands and wives actually make each other better spouses, check out my book, The Love Triangle: What Every Couple Needs for a Successful Marriage.

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