more than I understand

You know the expressions, “God’s grace is sufficient” and “God is enough?”  I have a new one to share:  “God is abundant.”  Over the years as I have sought God for provision and solution to dilemmas, I have come to realize that He really does delight in doing exceedingly and abundantly above all that we could ask or even imagine.

At the beginning of 1997, my husband and I fervently prayed that God would be sufficient for our financial needs since we decided to cut our household income by more than half.  I was to leave the teaching profession and become a full-time mother.  We were excited… and scared.  We had our family to feed and a small mortgage to pay.  We laid down not only a good salary but also an unmatched insurance policy- one that had covered over $150,000 in hospital and medical bills in recent months.

We sold our nice vehicle and drove a hand-me-down sport utility.  So, there were sacrifices involved in this stepping out in faith to believe upon God to be our provider.  Looking ahead into the future, I could only imagine a life of simplicity- our little family happily blessed and needs met.

But, God was up to something.  I caught glimpse of it as soon as I quit my job.  All my dashed dreams of traveling to new lands with my husband were reignited when we won an all expense-paid trip to the Bahamas with the Regis and Kathie Lee Show.  Mind you, I won this trip in the same month that we began living on only one income.  Do you hear the Father’s heart in that gift?  He told me, “Not only am I the God who provides your needs, but I am also the God who gives you the desires of your heart!”  What I thought was to be a ticket into a life of continual sacrifice became instead an open door to the limitless supply of God!

DSC01558This is a core truth for all who believe upon the grace of God- we may look at the life of being a disciple of Christ as being costly due to the amount of sacrifice.  The truth, however, is we gain all of Christ.  Do we understand that fully?  I know it’s more than I can understand, but the best analogy I can give is we think we have all the water we need at the moment when the glass is full, but God is saying, “Hold up!  I’m going to pour the Atlantic Ocean in there!”  I know we wouldn’t drink salty sea water, but the point is, God is always ready to bust wide open our narrow-minded thinking.

I challenge you today- think about your life and seek out any rationalizations you repeat to yourself.  Things like, “It’s going to have to be this way because….”  I pray that when we find ourselves operating in that limited mind-set, the Holy Spirit will speak and enlighten us to understand God’s abundance.

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