looking for love

For whose commendation are you striving?  If you are like I am, words of affirmation speak love to your precious heart.  I store away each positive thing spoken to me and guard it like treasure.

I think we all like to know that we are pleasing others, but ultimately whom do we aim to please?  Whose affection do we seek to obtain?  Is it your spouse’s, a friend’s or your boss’?

Maybe you haven’t thought too much about from whom you seek approval.  But let’s give it some inspection, because we may discover we’re on a dangerous route.  The problem with depending on man for approval is the fickle human nature is going to lead to disappointment when we discover we are suddenly not in the other’s favor as we have been accustomed to experiencing.  Man is very much capable of acting carnally, thereby treating others imperfectly.  So, it is faulty to entrust our need for affirmation to man.  It is simply unfeasible to expect another person to perfectly and consistently project value over our lives.

Do you find yourself in this description?  Have you been let down by another’s failure to affirm you?  Why did that disrupt your life so tremendously?

I have a solution: He who hides himself in the shelter of the Most High God will rest in the shadow of the Almighty (Psalm 91:1).

How do I begin to explain all that this scriptural truth means to me?  There are no words of man than can match the safety, the confidence, the surety of my identity in Christ as this covering of God!  It is my refuge, my secret place, my safety in being completely known by Him and yet loved perfectly.  Here, I am assured, taught, corrected and directed.  Hidden in Christ I have a purpose and passion.  And, notice the promise in the scripture above- rest.  Doesn’t that sound wonderful?  What would that look like, you ask?  When man does come to you with glowing words of praise, you remain at rest, because the Father’s words of love and belonging already fill your entire being.  Or, when the opposite occurs, and you find yourself under attack of another, you still remain at rest!  The Father’s heart toward you does not change.  His love and affection are never-ending.  That is why His name is Eternal Father.

Friend, I do hope you know the consistent favor of God in your life.  We are assured affirmation and acceptance when we place our highest demand of approval in His hands.  He will not disappoint us!  Let us run to the shelter of the Most High and dwell there.  Rest in knowing to Whom you belong and in hearing Him speak of His love for you.

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