what defines your steps?

Did you watch Nic Wellenda cross a great expanse of the Grand Canyon on a sky wire last summer? As a viewer of the live telecast, I felt very tense when he began his passage because I knew that the winds would possibly cause a challenge. At one point Wellenda crouched low on the sky wire just to regain balance and steady his surface. He stated that the balance bar he carried granted him three seconds of time to compensate for any error made in his steps. I’m guessing that means if more than three seconds is required, there’s no escaping death. Wellenda doesn’t cross the wire with the use of a harness or safety net, but he definitely has a shield of protection around him- the shield of faith! On this particular crossing of the Grand Canyon, he spoke the peace of God over himself. Wellenda thanked Jesus for His peace, and he walked in it. He proclaimed peace over the wind and he continued to move forward professing his faith until he finally arrived at the other side. It was an incredible feat done for the glory of God!

How about you? What is defining your steps? Do you also thank God for His peace and make declarations over yourself to walk in it? Do you speak peace to the storms in your life? Let’s reflect on Jesus’ words concerning peace:

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid (John 14:27).

Jesus said that He gives His peace to us, but we must receive it. By saying “yes” to peace we, in essence, say “no” to having a troubled heart and fear. We make a choice to take hold of the peace we have in Christ, or we choose to abide in fear and turmoil. Let me state this simply: if you are a believer in Jesus Christ, you are not meant to live a life of chaos. Chaos may surround you, but you do not abide in it. Like Nic, we can walk through the storms of life feeling the effect of the winds and knowing we’re vulnerable without a safety net, but we still remain in God’s unshakeable peace because our faith is in who He is and in what He does.

The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still (Exodus 14:14).

I love the simplicity of this verse- it screams “peace!” So often, we fail to remember this truth and instead find ourselves in an emotional upheaval because we’re acting as though we have no Defender! Let’s allow the alarm of unrest in our souls to get us grounded in the truth. God is all over the situation, and there’s no benefit to us or his kingdom that will come about through our worrying. We simply give it to God and rest in His peace.

What is defining your steps? If you can’t trace the flow of peace from Jesus’ heart to yours, it’s probably an indicator that you are trying to control something in your life, but you’re not doing a good job at it. You’re not doing a good job at being God. You see, peace is something you cannot give away if you do not have it! Jesus abided in peace and when a literal storm at sea dismantled the faith of the disciples, they went to the stern of the boat to awaken the Lord and to cry out for help. Jesus spoke peace over the wind and waves, and instantly the storm subsided. You and I can also rest in peace while storms rage around us. We can draw from the peace within us and speak it over the situations that seek to steal the state of rest away from us.

Notice that the peace Jesus gives is not like what the world gives (John 14:27). When anxious thoughts overrule your life, there are many who will prescribe for you peace in a pill. They may advise you to take a sleep-inducing medication so that you can rest at night. But remember the example of our Lord. If He could sleep in the midst of the same storm that brought the fear of imminent death to his friends, then you can be assured of sleep when you place your head on your pillow each night. Take hold of the peace that Jesus gives. Give to Him everything that causes your heart to worry. Rest. Rest in knowing that God’s got this fight- you only need to be still.

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