the experience

While driving on the highway yesterday, I sang along with the talented Rend Collective Experiment, an anointed group of Irish musicians who help me to help my soul focus on the praise due to our God. Their style is a mixture of foot-stomping, celebratory worship and heartfelt love ballads sung to the King. I am in love with their music!

The group ministered in song at the Catalyst conference I attended in Atlanta earlier this month. (If you attended Catalyst and don’t remember hearing them, they did the worship before and after the Wednesday Lab Sessions.) Rend Collective Experiment has a leadership style that is energizing; the crowd clapped, stomped, sang and danced along with the group members. It truly is an experience!

I bought the Campfire album for which my daughter, Jordan, thanked me. She immediately downloaded the songs and shared them with friends, just as I am doing now. Click on the link below for a listen to “Come On (My Soul).” You’ll learn the lyrics of this one easily! More importantly, if you sing it, your soul will respond to what your lips profess! Give it a try!

Falling in love with a style of music that I would not normally listen to has taught me something worth sharing. You see, I was already familiar with Rend Collective Experiment; KLOVE radio plays “Build Your Kingdom Here” regularly. I have heard the upbeat rhythm and powerful lyrics, but the style was not to my liking, so I never thought to purchase the album. However, when I experienced the worship of God in the conference setting with the band, everything changed.

And the same is true with Jesus Christ.

When we hear about Him and recognize the powerful truths concerning Him in God’s Word, we may appreciate Jesus but choose not to engage Him. I actually heard a Christian leader say recently, “There was a time in my life when I was bored with Jesus.” He was being honest. He was in the midst of hearing about Jesus. He recognized the powerful truths concerning Jesus and the Kingdom of God, but He was not engaging Jesus. He was not experiencing Jesus.

Everything changes when we experience Jesus. He no longer seems far off like the band did to me when I heard them on the radio. When we experience Jesus, our soul is energized by His love and passion, and we can’t help but to worship Him and fall more deeply in love with Him.

Does experiencing Jesus seem too far out of reach? He is as near as your next breath. Call upon Him to invade your day, your hours, your minutes. Invite Him into your life right now through a time of praise.

Click on “Come On (My Soul)” to enjoy a lively worship session with Rend Collective Experiment!

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