looking for love

All the ladies either know or have known this dilemma: looking for love. We’ve all been there. Waiting for Prince Wonderful to romance us all the way to the chapel. We want the love depicted on the movie screen. We long to hear that classic line, “You. Complete. Me.” Is that too much to ask?


Hear me out. Expecting a man to complete you (or a boy, for you younger female readers) is not going to happen. You may find some temporary satisfaction in your relationship, but total fulfillment? No way.

How can I be so certain? Because I know that a man is, well…. human. As one, he is also imperfect. He will fail you. And then he’ll apologize and make it up to you, and everything will be okay. But, then he’ll fail you again. Somewhere down the road you’ll get mad, hurt, jealous, frustrated, tired, alone…. Wow! I really know how to paint a rosy picture of romance, huh? (Please do not read into this. My marriage is solid!)

Let’s get to the heart of the issue.

We all desire a meaningful relationship full of love and trust. We want relationship because God first wanted relationship with us that is full of love and trust.

Look it up! I’m telling you the truth! 1 John 4:19 states, “We love because He first loved us.” So, if we really desire to have a meaningful relationship full of love and trust, we must first find the source of that love and trust. Let the love of the Father in heaven flow through us and into our lateral relationships. Why is that important, you ask?

When we abide in Christ, we are assured of worth and security. We know we are loved and have value in Him. When our relationship with Jesus is founded on the truth of God’s Word, we are certain that we will never be forgotten or abandoned. These are rock-solid promises. These truths affect our relationships with others. Because of our identity in Christ, we find ourselves taking offense less and less. Believe me, that makes for better relationships all around!!!

All you ladies, young and old, expecting Mr. Wonderful to be everything to you, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. There is One whose name is truly Wonderful. God recorded it (Isaiah 9:6) for all time so that we in 2013 will read and know that Jesus is truly the only One who satisfies an incomplete soul.

2 Comments on “looking for love”

  1. Such an important message. I pray many will rethink the fairytale ideal of love and happiness. True love is a choice. And I like that you encourage us to choose Jesus first!

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