I need something stronger than myself!

IMG_0648After many hours of manual labor handling bulk orders of fruit yesterday, this body is tired! To add to that, I am awake extra early today. I’m ready for a cup of coffee- something strong!

What’s in your cup today? Do you prefer to prepare a java delight at home or purchase one? I imagine some of you answer, “Yes” to both!

Today’s strength for your spirit is an interesting scripture and comes to us from Isaiah 30:15.

In quietness and confidence is your strength.

Would you have selected the same combination of words to describe the source of strength? I believe the quietness is that place where you and I position ourselves to hear from the Holy Spirit. According to John  14, He is the One who teaches us and reminds us of everything God desires us to know about Himself, ourselves, and the purpose of our lives. When I’m spending time in the Word of God, the Holy Spirit guides me in truth. In quietness we hear from God.

The confidence is the trust we place in the Word of God. We act on what His Word says with conviction that it is true for us. Fear and doubt fall away when we believe, and we find ourselves armed with strength.

As you sip your choice beverage this morning, think on the peaceful assurance of God’s presence in your life and His promise to chase you down with all of His goodness.

Savor it!

2 Comments on “I need something stronger than myself!”

  1. As I am enjoying my coffee this morning out of my lovely Keurig I am enjoying this as well. So true that God speaks during those quiet times. Love this Renee!

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