my prayer

Father, I pray that knowing you would be our greatest pursuit.

May knowing who we are in Jesus, transform the way we think, believe and act.

Father, that we desire Your Presence so that our purpose is fulfilled with the anointing of power from on high.

Today, we move closer to You. We turn away from distractions so that we may turn to Your beauty and encounter You, the God who knows us.

We praise You for continually keeping watch over us, protecting us, providing for us, and giving us hope.

May we allow all that You are working on the inside of us overflow to capture the hearts of others around us.

You, are God; You are good; You are perfect and Holy. Teach us Your ways. Show us Your heart and Your truth through new discoveries in Your Word today.

In the Name of our victorious Savior, Jesus, Amen.

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