my cousin, Angie

My cousin, Angie Webb, is a daughter of the King, a loving wife, a dedicated mother, and a cancer survivor. I am speaking in faith concerning the recent diagnosis of stage 4 breast cancer. Notice that I do not say, “her” stage 4 breast cancer. She does not want it; therefore, she gives it no power with the use of possessives. Surrounded by an amazing support group of friends and family in a community of faith, Angie has undergone extensive treatment over the past year, including surgery and chemotherapy. Today she continues treatment, and I want to encourage her in this season of our family’s resting in our all-knowing, almighty, and perfectly loving Savior. Notice how we do use a possessive with the name “Savior.” Because of the godly influence of our grandparents, John and Dorothy Jonas, all of us grandkids can profess by faith, “I am my Beloved’s and He is mine!” Love and prayers, Angie!

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