where are the warriors?

Here’s what the enemy does not want you to know: there’s a real battle at hand, and you’re in it. You’re on the field. You haven’t been assigned a seat in a lazy boy as a spectator; you’re the mission commander! Get your head out of the “game” and get your heart into the battle.

You don’t even recognize the fight, do you? There’s a target to take out your family. Your wife- she’s getting bored with the predictability of life. She’s looking for excitement and adventure, but things around her remain dreadfully the same. Who’s contending for her faithfulness and inspiring her to stay close to Jesus and experience the thrill of living water He offers?

Your daughter- she’s willing to give up the reward of staying the course for one night with the guy who says she can prove her love for him. Who will stand watch over her and pray for her mind to be renewed by the Truth and for her heart to remain pure? See, a night spent on your knees in prayer is the real battle at hand. A sleepless night over the team’s loss- that’s just a game.

Your son- he has no idea where the battle is, but he knows he’s supposed to be in one. Although he realizes the device in his hand is clearly not the real thing, it’s as close as he can get to engaging in the fight for life. Who’s contending for his spiritual maturity so that he will have eyes to see our battle is not against flesh and blood but against rulers, against authorities, against powers of darkness, and against spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms? Who is training him in the ways of God and equipping him for battle?

Wake up, O Sleeper! Your enemy prowls like a roaring lion, looking for whom he may devour. Put down the chicken wings and hit the eject button on your easy chair. Grab your sword of the Spirit {the Word of God} and get engaged in the fight. There are lies of the enemy to dismantle, and you’re leading the troops in applying the Truth. Victory is assured because of King Jesus’ completed work of overcoming hell, death and the grave, but the trespasser has not vacated the premises. Rise up, mighty warrior and protect the land entrusted to your oversight. Let God arise in your thoughts, in your prayers, and in your actions, and let His enemies be scattered.

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