return to Me

DSC01554Rise up, O righteous ones, and declare the faithfulness of God. He is not slow in keeping His promises, but He patiently waits for lost souls to turn to Him. His patience will not last forever. When the sin of man has reached its capacity, God will act and bring His wrath upon the earth. There will be a supernatural swiftness to His coming. You think you have time, so you delay your coming to Him in repentance, but You are deceived. The Son of God comes at an hour you do not know nor will you expect. Turn to God now, for today is the day of salvation. Have a clear conscience before God by believing upon the blood of Jesus to wash away your sins. You came from God as His eyes alone saw your unformed body, now you must ensure that you return to Him when your days on the earth are no more.

“Return to Me,” says the Lord.

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