do you know lack or financial increase?

The nature of God is increase. This is a theme that resonates within me as I study and contemplate His ways. Over Adam and Eve, God spoke the words, “Go forth and multiply.” The message remains the same for us. The kingdom of God advances, because increase is the heart of God.

So where does the mindset and actual declaration of LACK fit into our witness of God’s nature? If there is a genuine experience of lack, especially a financial lack, do we accept the reality and try to move on, or do we attempt to evaluate it in light of God’s Word?

I was hoping you would say that! Let’s evaluate the lack.

Many of God’s people are dealing with negative consequences from handling finances in ways that neglected His wisdom concerning stewardship. They are now aiming for the goal of financial freedom from debt, and when it is achieved, they resolve to never fall back into the worldly pattern of spending money they do not have. If you are counted among those who seek financial restoration, know that God is in agreement with you. His plan is to prosper you and to give you a hope and a future. Stand firm in your faith for a better day of living free from the bondage of debt. See yourself as the lender and not the borrower.

No matter what bank account status we have, the Word of God states that we are not to worry about our personal needs. We do not concern ourselves with what we will eat, drink or wear. To worry about our provision is to be counted among those who have no regard for God. I know that is not you, nor is it I. We are God’s children, and He says we only need to look at creation and the testimony provided in His Word to know that He is faithful to provide for His kids (See Matthew 6:25-24).

Here’s a shocking thought! God doesn’t even suggest we pray about these needs. Do you know why that is? It is because He has already said He will provide them!

So, let’s review: Don’t worry about your personal needs; don’t pray about your personal needs; just know that God has already established Himself as the Provider of them all.

Yet the question still needs to be asked: What shall I do in the present state of lack?

Matthew 6:33 is the key: “Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

Can I be blunt? Get your eyes off of yourself and fix them upon Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith. Grow in the status of abiding in Him, because in the state of being latched onto Him, everything becomes doable. Our confident expectation in the Lord explodes into a healthy financial reality. Seek for your area of influence in the expansion of the kingdom of God. As a teacher, I highly value education. Not only do my husband and I fund the tuition for our two children to attend a Christian school, but our kingdom focus enables us to send three additional students to a Christian school. Glory to God! His heart is increase! I can testify that years ago, I could never foresee the day of such abundant provision that would cause us to overflow into the lives of others, but that is how God works. We weren’t seeking wealth for wealth’s sake. We sought and continue to seek ways to advance the kingdom of God.

Start sowing seeds of faith through sacrificial giving today. Start living by this principle: If God can get it through me for the advancement of His kingdom, then God can get it to me for the provision of my household.

Go forth, generous child of God, and demonstrate the generous heart of our Father in heaven who seeks to add to His kingdom. Give often and give sacrificially with fullness of trust that He keeps His promise to you. He will add all the other things to your life that you need.

2 Comments on “do you know lack or financial increase?”

  1. Renee, your wisdom in God’s teaching is inspirational and immediately motivating to me to commit and follow through. I am blessed that God knows my need and privided you on the day of my looking to God. Bless you Renee and thank you!!

    • Hyon, God knew it had to be today! I don’t regularly post on Fridays, but I’m glad I did for your benefit. God knew, and I’m thankful I could be a vessel of His speaking directly to your concerns. Much love!

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