Jesus awareness (Part 1)

Recently, on a cold, late winter day, I did a polar plunge as part of the missions awareness challenge. It was the most frigid water I have ever felt, and I submerged myself fully in it. Was it a needed reminder? Yes. My family and I desperately require an awakening to the fact that we love to serve the Lord by ministering to the lost in foreign places, and it’s time to get back to it. We need to take action on that shared desire and plan another mission trip.

There are some things in life of which I don’t need any more awareness. Take, for example, our eating habits and the fact that there is way too much sugar in the American diet. (I could, on the other hand, use some greater awareness of the dangers of chemicals in our food.)

And, on that note, what about cancer? Do I need any more awareness of how cancer kills? Personally, I don’t. In the past 27 months, I have lost three people very close to me: two beloved family members and a friend.

Here’s what I’m perfectly aware of concerning cancer: sorrow. Too many lives depart the earth entirely too early because of this thief.

You are also aware of the disease. Perhaps you are currently celebrating life on the other side of treatment. Maybe you’re on the journey to wellness now. If you are in one of those two categories, I want you to know I’m stopping to pray for you before I continue writing another word.

Undoubtedly, you also are intimately acquainted with many who received a cancer diagnosis. What have been the outcomes? Have you witnessed miracles? Have you dealt with painful loss? I have too.

Today I propose that we start afresh with a new outlook on life and a perspective based on the Word of God. Colossians 2:10 states we have been given fullness in Christ.

You have been given… Let’s switch from an awareness of a thief to a fixed gaze upon the Giver.


Jesus (John 3:16)

A new heart (Ezekiel 36:26)

Salvation from all sin (Psalm 103:3)

Healing of all diseases (Psalm 103:3)

The Holy Spirit (Romans 5:5)

Incomparably great power (Ephesians 1:19)

Strength (Isaiah 40:29)

Grace (James 4:6)

Joy (John 15:11)

Peace (John 14:27)

Authority (Matthew 16:19)

Wisdom (James 1:5)

The kingdom of God (Luke 8:10)

Eternal life (John 10:28)

… and so much more! Therefore, I promote the God who gives! I promote Jesus! I promote the Spirit who gives life! I promote the Word of God!

In Part 2 of Jesus Awareness, we will look closely at the power of Jesus through His Word, because God promises to promote His goodness in our lives everyday, and I don’t want you to miss it!

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