Jesus awareness (Part 3)

The Word of God is… sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing… joints and marrow (Hebrews 4:12).

God’s Word is a sharper, more accurate surgical tool, getting to the marrow of the bones where all the details of our physical health are sourced.

When we experience joint pain, we typically seek something to relieve it. But God says, “There’s more that My Word needs to address. I go deeper than the joint structure to the very source of your physical wellbeing: your marrow. Allow my Word to address the essence of your life, because when the blood is good, the structure and the tissues are good also.”

Marrow is hidden in the deep recesses of our physical being. The production of blood cells stems from the core of our skeletal structure. Life is sourced in the marrow. Likewise, all the issues of life stem from the heart of man. As the bony structure guards the life-giving matter of physical life, so the servant of God guards the source of his spiritual life. The Word of God is the standard for guarding our hearts. When I study the Bible, I pray through it! I realize that my life is not producing in accordance to God’s standard, and I pray for the surgical altering of my heart so that I may be in alignment with truth.

Gracious heavenly Father, thank You for Your better ways. Because You are thorough, You go right to the source. Who better than You, my Designer and my Creator, to know how to treat all ailments at the source? Who better than You, author and perfecter of my faith, to get to the heart of each matter and transform me to reflect the Lord Jesus? Therefore, I trust my life: my body, soul and spirit to Your hands.

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