Jesus at the center

Father in heaven,

I’m coming back to You. I’m not sure how I ended up so far away from You being my center, but here I am with full awareness of my departure. I suppose there was a loss of passion along the way. Like a fire that dies out, the fervor I once had reduced to glowing embers and then all together extinguished. 

Your passion for me has never died, and for that I’m thankful. You demonstrated your passion in the giving of Your Son for the payment of my sins. How can I thank You for my life that is now free from the burden of sin?

I can come back. That’s how I can thank You. My gratitude is expressed through faith in Your still being there, still loving me, and still desiring communion with me. So, I come boldly to Your throne and acknowledge that You are God, You’re here, and You are all that I need. I’m restoring You as the center of my life.

When it comes to the significance of my life, I come to You and understand that because you purposed my existence, then my existence has purpose.

When it comes to needed love and acceptance, I restore You to the center of that need, because Your love never fails. You increasingly promote Your goodness in my life.

When it comes to my material needs, I restore You to the center of those needs. Because You are with me, I know that I am never to be found wanting, both in this life and in the life to come.

When it comes to what may lie ahead for me, I restore You to the center. I know that I am not to fear anything of this world because You are with me, and You have already overcome the world. So, in the very place where fear would have made itself at home in my heart, I restore You to the highest place right there.

Father, I’m about to say “Amen” and close this prayer, but I am not walking away from You. No, I keep You at the center as I journey on from this place.

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