a backyard tea party

I had a unique privilege on a recent Saturday afternoon to share a devotional at a bridal shower. It wasn’t an ordinary celebration of an upcoming wedding! More than forty women donned fancy hats and gathered around white-dressed tables to sip tea and ooh and ahh over the bride, her groom, and the gifts that will help them make a home together.

The Holy Spirit led me to tailor a message on marriage that all could relate to in that beautiful setting. We learned that brewing a cup of exquisite hot tea is like the formula for marital bliss. It requires a strong tea, some delicate flower petals and tropical fruit additives, some water, and wait time. A blessed marriage consists of a helpmate who infuses her man with everything beautiful in the Lord’s heart. We add water and steep; in other words, the Spirit sanctifies us, so that His perfect love, joy and peace characterize the relationship and home.

Holding the pouch of Green Tea Tropical

Holding the pouch of Green Tea Tropical

The Lord granted me a special delight through the time of sharing insight on marriage with the ladies. Before the event ended, I heard several references to the brief message I gave. We all laughed every time we heard one of the familiar terms used in the new context. For instance, when the groom made his appearance, his bride introduced him to everyone saying, “This is my green tea!”

The Lord showed me something regarding the feedback I got through the imitation: I delighted in hearing others reverberate the words I spoke. It gave me satisfaction in knowing that someone listened and even believed the message!

God wants us to know, He also gets a kick out of hearing His kids speak His Words. It makes Him happy to know that we listen and believe!


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