June- time for a mid-year check-up (Part 2)

Physical Growth

I have a mantra for my work out goals: If I don’t enjoy the physical exercise, I won’t do it. For instance, when I used to work out at the gym, I couldn’t get past the feeling of running like a hamster on a wheel but going nowhere. My goal now is to get out and experience God’s beautiful creation while working out.

time for a paddle

time for a paddle

This past spring, I led a group of aspiring runners at my all-time favorite trail! Here’s the exciting news: while planning for the weekly fit group, I had the nagging thought in the back of my mind that my injured calf muscle may prevent me from actually following through with the venture. The voice of faith was louder, because I went forth and helped a friend achieve her goal of running a long-distance course. Can I give a shout of praise to my victorious Jesus? About a month after fit group concluded, I received complete healing of my calf muscle when friends laid hands on me and prayed!

Do you have goals for growth in your physical fitness? Most people who write New Year’s Resolutions focus on their health. Let’s go back to our list and commit ourselves again to achieve set goals. For me, that means I’m going to have to stay consistent with carting a kayak or paddleboard down to the waterfront and working out my upper body each week.

Please leave a comment below to share your own mantra or self-coaching techniques for your physical fitness challenges.

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