graduation day thoughts


As I write this, you are meeting with a music ministry team and preparing for future service with Crosswalk Student Ministry. This day of transition from high school to young adult college studies and internship has begun. I share in your excitement.

Before we get to party mode, let’s reflect back on what God has done in your life during your years of formal education. I remember the adventure of starting home education with you in Kindergarten. I taught you to read, to write and to compute. In our comfortable home school setting we learned grammar, history and science. We learned how to enjoy a good novel, and we also realized that mom was not successful with any science experiments. My greatest joy as your teacher, though, was sharing in the discovery of God’s Word and its application to our lives.

We completed eight years of home education, and with strong faith, you entered into Hampton Christian. We thank God for your five years here and believe we have seen His grace administered in your life. It was during your high school years that you became comfortable with who you are and sure of the calling of God upon your life. He has spoken and declared you to be His witness and servant. Your faith has grown over these recent years, and there have been times when I have had to catch up with you in believing God in spite of the odds stacked against us. Thank you for being that example of faith. Thank you for being an example to all in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.

I praise God for the innumerable experiences that are ahead in Him as you begin study and hands-on ministry with Southeastern University. I know that you are ready for the challenge of managing all the responsibility you will carry in this season. Enjoy these next three years, because they fly by quickly. Don’t wish them away as you look beyond to future travels. God will get you to where He will have you serve Him, and it will happen in His perfect timing!

Jacob, you have been and continue to be a joy. My greatest cause for celebration today is the ability to stand back and look in awe at the man of character you have become! I honor you, Jacob! Thanks for making the journey thus far incredible!



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