limitless grace

God's limitlessnessGod’s grace is truly unsearchable, not to mean that we cannot ever encounter it, but that we cannot exhaust it. His grace has no end for us who are in Christ Jesus.

Grace is unmerited favor. An undeserved gift. It’s source is love, and it is offered to us because God’s nature is that of a giver. He gives good gifts because He is inherently good.

Let’s examine our interaction with gifts as we understand them in a worldly context. Suppose someone extends his hands to me expecting me to take the exquisitely wrapped gift he holds, but I say, “No, I can’t. I’m not deserving of this grace.” And although he insists the gift is for me and given out of love, I continually reject it.

Or, say I do receive the gift with understanding that the giver wanted to bless me, and although the item is obviously costly, I never open it to see what he selected especially for me.

Most of us can relate to this scenario: we receive the gift, open it, marvel at how wonderful it is, and then put it away somewhere never to be touched again. It is just too fine to be used, we say.

Do you think we perhaps neglect the grace of God in the same ways? Rejecting, ignoring or setting aside?

Can I suggest a mental exercise for us to do so that we may grasp the limitless grace of our Father in heaven? Imagine yourself in an ocean. (Better yet, jump in the ocean!) Compare the size of your body to the size of the body of water surrounding you. That is the best image of God’s grace in comparison to your need.

Is your chaotic life leading you to think there’s no possible way of getting centered again in what is true and full of hope?

Believe upon the limitless grace of God to cleanse you, recreate you, and redeem your messes.

Are the challenges you face requiring more strength than you think you can humanly muster?

Believe upon the limitless grace of God to strengthen you so that you will weather the storm victoriously in His Presence.

Are you seeking to understand purpose and wondering where your place is in the world?

Believe upon the limitless grace of God to empower you for a meaningful life through a relationship with the Counselor, the Holy Spirit.

You and I cannot need more than the Lord is able to supply. It’s impossible. His grace is sufficient for every need, because His grace out-supplies our need. Every time.

Take the gift. You are worthy to receive it, because the Father created you and loves you with an everlasting love.

Open it. Yes, it was costly, and you were central to His thoughts when costs were counted.

Use the gift. Everyday. Have no fear of exhausting the supply. You couldn’t do it even if you tried.



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