2 kids, 1 camp, & countless prayers

“God, please wreck them. Ruin them for ordinary.”

If it sounds like I wish violence upon my children, know that I don’t! I only desire that they have encounters of the God-kind while they are away at youth camp this week. I am fighting back the tears even now as I write, because I know how ripe the setting is for them to know Him more intimately than they ever have. Oh, that their hearts hunger for more of God’s Presence and never settle for status quo.

by Luke and Ashley Photography

by Luke and Ashley Photography

Status quo. We all so easily can measure our personal walk with God by observing the qualities of a brother or sister’s walk. If we see that we operate in a similar measure of faith as they, we give ourselves a pat on the back and hit the cruise control for the remainder of the journey.

But herein lies the challenge: Jesus said, “Abide in Me (John 15:4).” We define our walk by His Presence and not our comparison to other believers.

We have been given “fullness in Christ (Colossians 2:10),” so the lifestyle He demonstrated is ours to emulate as the Holy Spirit enables us.

I want more! I want the heavenly realities that my Lord and Savior demonstrated through His yielded life to the Father. And, as a parent, I want even more for my children! More revelation. More love. More holy fire. More submission. More confidence in the calling of God.

So while the house is quiet this week, my prayers will lift to heaven… Father, that You would wreck them and ruin them for ordinary.

“There is nothing to replace a divine encounter. Everyone must have their own.” -Bill Johnson (Hosting the Presence, p. 185)


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