the bridge

If I told you the bridge is out on the highway you intend to take, would you still travel it? Would you want to see how far you can go before you get to a life and death situation?

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I ask because our acknowledgement of God as the Supreme Ruler of the universe yet the refusal to submit our lives to His Son, Jesus, is like driving on a highway that leads to destruction.

Many people think there’s a better time in the future to lay their lives before Jesus. For now, though, they feel it’s better if they call the shots.

Can you identify?

Talking with a young man about this very topic, he confirmed the mindset that believes God doesn’t know what’s best. He said, in essence, “Until I get in a place where I can’t help myself any longer, I’m not giving my life to Christ.”

The bridge is out up ahead…

Do you really have to do it the hard way- hit rock bottom after living by your own efforts? Is it going to take your car’s front two wheels hanging over a river gorge before you say, “Jesus, come to my rescue?”

Allow me to share what I have discovered in surrendering my life to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

He is the bridge. Let’s face it: none of us is worthy to approach the throne of God and ask for the Holy One’s mercy. Yet, Jesus bridged the gap between our filth and God’s divinity. He became sin and received the full punishment for sin on our behalf. Where does that leave us now? Having believed upon the blood of Jesus Christ, you are not a subject in God’s kingdom; you are a child. Come to His throne.

Confidence. God-confidence. My security rests in the fact that God the Father is omniscient. With wisdom and love, He leads me everyday.

Eternal investments with present-time dividends. Why must I focus on eternity and storing up treasures in heaven? Because God says this life is a vapor. The span of human years is compared to grass that springs up one day and withers the next. Yet, the Father intends pleasure for our lives, and His joy is realized when we demonstrate it is better to give than receive. This life is not about me! It’s about people; it’s always been about people. “Go and make disciples,” He says. Show others the entrance into the family of God. Help them grow in the faith so that they can also go and make disciples. Eternal investments with present-time dividends.

“The path of the righteous is a highway” (Proverbs 15:19).

Don’t worry. This highway is intact, because Jesus is the bridge.

Are you on the highway? If you’re God’s child, you are! Look for me- I’m the one in the silver convertible! Of course, the top is down and the praise songs are blaring! Be sure to honk and wave when you pass!

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