Genesis meditation

In the beginning…

O, how I can sit and reflect on how it was in the beginning, in the purest state of Father God relating to created man. I liken this fascination to a parent’s fixation with her newborn child. How often we find ourselves staring into bright eyes full of wonder. We are naturally attracted to the pure state of trust.

Trust. It existed in the Garden. God experienced man’s perfect trust in Him for a season.  At some point, however, the tempter incited a violation of that trust.

The sanctuary, known as the Garden, was lost.

But, there is Good News. Jesus bridged the gap between sinful man and holy God! Through His blood shed for our sins, we who believe are now reconciled to the Father in heaven. We are given access to His Presence! Jesus restored our place in the Garden.

The physical garden located in the land called Eden grants us understanding of our spiritual standing with the Lord God. The acrostic, GARDEN, spells out the realities we need to see manifest in our redeemed lives.

G     God is here. If you are in Christ, then God is here with you. Always. Everywhere.

A     All kinds of trees, pleasing to the eye and good for food, are here. God satisfies your desires.

R     a River waters the Garden and feeds into four headwaters. That’s the Holy Spirit saturating you.

D     the Devil is looking for your weakness in order to tempt you and entrap you in sin.

E     Enjoyment is found is growing the Garden. Keep focused on expanding the kingdom of heaven.

N     No shame when we walk in obedience to what Jesus has commanded us. We keep a clear conscience.

Have you found life to be overwhelmingly complicated? Does the Garden inspire you to a walk of simplicity, a walk grounded in complete trust in the Father in heaven? Come back to the beginning. Come back to life with Jesus in its purest state. You belong here. You were created for relationship with God.

(Biblical reference: Genesis 2 & 3)



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